Our Expertise

We are a small team of experts skilled in all areas of Negotiations, Business development, Data, IT and E-commerce including big data design and implementation, IT infrastructure development, cloud migration, tenders consultant, foreign direct investment consultant, smart cities development, finance, marketing experts and project management…..

We specialized in securing an agreement between parties with different needs and goals, engage parties into integrative negotiations.

Big data

Data Integration and Processing

Business and data analytics


Internationalization is more of an expansion of business from its home market into foreign markets. The decision to internationalize is one of the strategic decisions that have a fundamental effect on any firm and all its internal and external operations.

When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, it’s hard to make sense of all the options. We do more than offer technology – we combine IT and business consulting expertise to develop cloud technology solutions to your real business challenges.

Corporate Development

We plan and execute strategies to meet organizational objectives by managing team recruitment, arranging strategic alliances, identifying and acquiring companies (M&A), securing corporate financing, divesting of assets or divisions, and management of intellectual property etc.