Big data

Big data

Data Integration and Processing

Your company has data coming from very different sources: transactional databases, CRM, ERP, Digital Analytics tools, Spreadsheets, APIs, Web Services, Social Networks, etc. Moreover, the data sources will keep growing (in number and volume) as the business evolves.

Data integration consists of gathering, crossing and joining, enrich, consolidate, and make this information systematically available in an agile, fast, and efficient way. If Data is one of the most valuable assets in your company, the correct consolidation process is for sure the second most valuable asset.

Business and data analytics

Business and Data analysis is the process that aims to highlight useful information in the data, to suggest conclusions, and to support the decision making of a business or organization.

We are capable of understanding your business, formulating the right questions for good business decision making, by modelling your data, we can understand past and current business performance, thus future behaviour can be predicted.

Our Big Data and Data Scientist expert in collaboration with clients will do this by applying business process mining techniques and big data analytics algorithm to enable detect further business opportunities.